Hi Natasha,

Hope you are well. Here is the long overdue feedback from me. Thanks for all your help over last few years.

Natasha and her team at ALIC have been fantastic to deal with. Very thorough with their prep and research. I found them to go above and beyond in their service, not just helping me find the most suitable home loan product for me but also be able to suggest how can I minimise  extra payments/fees such as LMI, financial guidance of general nature on suitable investment strategy etc. Overall the service and the working with Natasha is great and very responsive, and I highly recommend Natasha and her team at ALIC.



Hi Natasha

With the Leopold house settlement, you have delivered again.  You have 1 happy customer in us.  We are very happy with your service, comms, followups and due diligence in researching and getting for us the right product for our needs and at the best price.  Please convey our best to your team and keep up the good work.


I wanted to say a BIG thank you to Natasha C for sharing her wealth of knowledge about the property buying process and delivering an amazing service with getting my existing loan refinanced. I truly appreciate your patience, guidance and support throughout this journey. I’m also very grateful that you were able to assist my colleagues with purchasing their first investment property.

I look forward to working with you when purchasing my next property.


We were referred to Natasha through a friend, and when we met we just wanted to have a chat & way our options if we were to purchase an investment property over the next year or so. Just 3 months later, we are a few days from settling! This wouldn’t have been so easy without Natasha and her team’s exceptional support, availability and coaching. Natasha & Anthony have been extraodinarily instrumental through the entire process, always on the ball and kept us well informed at every single stage – we had nothing to worry about! Having very little knowledge around the investment space, the whole process for my husband & I was more than just buying an investment property, It was also a learning experience for us. Natasha was always willing & patient to go over any details around our lending structures, how we can use our equity and offsets.

We really admire the level of dedication ALIC have for their customers and cannot recommend ALIC & Natasha enough for anyone looking to invest or buying their first home – you’ll be in very safe hands.

We cannot wait to work with you again. Thanks again Natasha & Anthony!

Tiffany & Teague.

Tiffany & Teague

Hi Mark

Sincere thanks to you and your team/colleagues at ALIC for all the work and determination to ensure we realised our dream of enhancing our modest property portfolio.

We appreciate your patience during the periods of our changing requirements due to lack of knowledge on our part, and I’m sure this meant much gnashing of teeth!

We’re delighted to be the new owners of XXX, XXX and, when the dust settles, we’ll let you know plans for further property portfolio enhancements.

With regards



Hi Mark,

We have moved into our unit in Essendon. It has been 2 weeks now and we are really liking the new place, having the train stop near by is handy.

Just wanted to say thank you for all the help through the process. Helping us to make the call on the loan amount, ownership split etc and for being really patient with us. Guess the whole process did take close to 2 years.

@ Anthony, thanks heaps for being so prompt with everything. Ensuring I return the paper work within a day, for the numerous calls with updates and progress status.

Wanted to let you know that the FHOG application did get accepted too, thanks for your help with that too.

Thanks all.


I just wanted to leave a review, which I very rarely do because the level of service I received was second to none.

Kate Allison and her team at ALIC provided me with an extraordinary level of service. I am in Adelaide and was recommended to use Kate, who is based in Melbourne. Her communication levels are flawless. I was constantly kept in the loop, if not by her, she ensured a member of her team would. They were all up to date on the latest in my file and I always found myself smiling after a phone call! Honestly can’t wait to use her services again. Have and always will recommend her to all

Thank you


We are a couple of days away from settling on xxx Street and wanted to take the opportunity to provide you with a bit of an update of where we are at.

 We would also like to thank you for your advice, coaching and support over the journey that we have been connected – but especially the past couple of years. Thank you for whipping me into shape with some home truths – without it, I’m not sure we would be in the position we are in today. 

 Many thanks also to the team at Alic – Rosie, Amanda & recently Jason – throughout this process we’ve felt assured as the team was well in control of the process. 

 We wish you & the team a strong year end – and a safe holiday period with your loved ones. 





Nathan & Rochelle.

Just a quick note to say a big thank you for your assistance and support with the settlement of Rye.

 The speed in which you guys worked to support Kyha and I was unbeleivable. We couldn’t have done what we did without your quick responses, late nights & early mornings.

 Kyha and I always chase an opportunity when we see one and this one wouldn’t have been realised if you guys weren’t there. 

Merry Christmas and I’ll chat to you when I pay some of this debt off 🙂






Hi Natasha,

Everything has been great! Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I thought I had replied but I must have written an email and forgot to send it. Too busy enjoying the holiday :D.

As for my experience with ALIC, the entire process was seamless! From that first time I came to see you with Tri, I really had no knowledge or idea on how to approach purchasing a property or anything about loans. I love how much I’ve learnt through this process and how quick and effortless you and your team made it. You were able to network with my buyers advocate (who was also amazing) to make the entire process as simple as possible for me. I cannot praise you and your team enough for the work you have done for me to purchase my first home.

I can confirm that all my accounts, repayments and offsets have been set up correctly and I am more than 100% happy.

I can’t wait to work with you in the near future. A review next year sounds great.

Hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and enjoy your very much deserved time off.

Kind Regards,


Hi Natasha, Patrick and Jason Audrey and I would like to extend our many thanks to you and the team for turning around the approvals and settlement so quickly in order to meet our extremely aggressive timeline.  Your communication with us was on the ball and we appreciate a lot.  You guys did it with fast pace and utmost due diligence and i want to extend my thanks for that too

Thanks once again


Yay! Thanks Tash! Lan coordinated a final inspection for all of us (mum and dad too) on that Monday which was really great.

Following Lan, thanks so much to you and team – with a special shout out to Nick (who I understand was on the phone to Lan on a regular basis towards the end!). We really would have been lost to the process without you.

 Looking forward to catching up soon!




Kevin Agent has been outstanding since the moment we first entered his office. We are extremely impressed with his industry knowledge and experience and his ability to provide a full break down and analysis in simple terms for me. We are very happy and would recommend Kevin and The Australian lending and Investment to friends and family.


Hi Sim,

Thank you so much to you and Dan!!

You guys have been nothing short of incredible.

Sarah and I are looking forward to celebrating.

You can be sure we will be passing on your details to anyone that asks!

All the best,

Ari and Sarah

Hi guys,

Marina and I just wanted to say thank you for all the hard work you guys put into making this loan happen. To be honest I think we were very lucky to have landed in such competent hands that managed to pull off a close to impossible deal.

I guess you see this everyday and these cases might just turn into numbers sometimes, but you managed to make our dream happen and for that we are very thankful. Because of this team we are now extremely happy in our new home and loving every minute of it.

It was a tough 2 months of settlement and as a small token of our thankfulness we are sending a case of wine to your office under Steve’s name. Share the love as I am sure everyone else in your team also deserves some props!

Thank you,

Dan & Marina

I was provided with exceptional service by way of ongoing updates via emails and phone calls throughout the process of my transfer of loan. Any queries I had were answered promptly and I was surprised by the level of support and feedback I’ve received thus far and believe this will likely continue. Extremely happy. Thanks team, much appreciated.


So overall we couldn’t be happier with our final structure. We having been meaning to get in touch with both yourself and Mark Davis to thank you for all your help, we really could not have asked for better people to set up our new loans and accounts and could not be happier with how great you were in getting back to us with any of our questions and how quickly the whole process was completed! We definitely look forward to getting in touch with you guys down the track when we are ready to purchase an investment property.


Jessica has been a pleasure to deal with and has always represented herself very professionally with clear communication and excellent follow up. She was instrumental in us keeping to our time line. With Jessica’s intervention and manoeuvring we were able to pay our final payment to the builder on Wednesday 6th April, had our keys handed over on 8th April with our first “Open for Inspection” on 9th April enabling us to meet our target auction date – 30th April.

With Jessica’s intervention along the way we were able to pay our builder very quickly which earned us favor with the builder who then had no hesitation in providing us with early access to stage, photograph and list our property before we had even made the final payment. An excellent result.

We have personally thanked Jessica however we just wanted to make sure you were aware of what an asset we consider she is to ALIC.


“Mark Davis, thank you for all your help, we really could not have asked for better people to set up our new loans and accounts and could not be happier with how great you were in getting back to us with any of our questions and how quickly the whole process was completed! We definitely look forward to getting in touch with you guys down the track when we are ready to purchase an investment property”.


 Many thanks to you and your assistance in gaining settlement of my Hill St property.  Elizabeth has been a terrific support network. She displayed excellent customer service, ensuring she was giving me the best help and information at all times. 

Elizabeth and the team and ALIC have made the purchase of this property very successful. 

Kevin Agent and the team at ALIC have exceptional expertise in this area and I have great appreciation for everything they have done for me. 


Everyone at ALIC have so professional and courteous from Rosie and Sarah to Rhiannon (who was even helping us on Christmas Eve) and especially Kevin. Very happy to be getting such great advice from this team of experts.


“We have constantly been saying since our loans settled that we couldn’t be happier with the service you guys provided!

 I can confirm everything has been set up perfectly and we are more than happy, we wish we had everything setup this way when we first bought our house!

We are extremely happy with how you guys set everything up and talked us through it along the way. It was great dealing with you and getting the knowledge we needed, and Melissa was also great to deal with whilst everything was being finalised, it was really a great experience.

 We look forward to dealing with you again in the future for purchasing investment properties”



Thank you for all your hard work and effort on our refinance over the past couple of months. Your excellent customer service, attention to detail and willingness to go above and beyond made a difficult process really easy for us. Please accept this small token of appreciation and we look forward to working with you again in the future.



It’s been an absolutely fantastic journey with the team at ALIC. The team were prompt in keeping us updated on the progress as well as helping me navigate through the post settlement process.


Hi Melissa,

All the homeloans paperwork is now signed and Glenn will drop it all into reception at your office at some stage tomorrow for me.

I can’t thank you and the team there enough for all of your help,  it truly has made what could have been very stressful for me an absolute breeze – and Kevin is beyond incredible!


Mark and Amanda,

We wanted to say thank you for assistance in the strategy and financing for our recent purchase in Adelaide.

We are incredibly impressed with the service you provide, and would like to recommend a number of our colleagues and friends.

Thanks again,

Danny & Bec

Danny & Bec

Hi Mark,

Thanks for the follow up.

Yes the accounts are working well and we are happy with the service, patients and persistence you and your team provided us throughout our application.


Hi Steven,

Thanks for touching base.

Yes, both my husband and I are very happy with our new loan.

Natasha has been amazing to deal with, she is very patient, as we had been working towards this for some time.

The process for us couldn’t have been easier.

Kind regards,




Hi Kevin,

 Hope you’re well and enjoyed your holiday. 

 Everything went smoothly with settlement of St Andrews while you were away. Amanda did a great job of moving things along!






Hi Kevin,


I’m sure you know it but it doesn’t hurt to drop you a line. Melissa Long is fantastic. She’s been a massive help with my loan, particularly considering the tight timeline. Great communicator and fantasticly responsive. Very impressed and grateful. Wanted you to know. 








Hi Anthony

Everything below looks good – and the accounts are all set up

Diana did a great job in making the process easy and it all happened a lot quicker than I expected








Dear Seuj, Jess and Melissa

May I take this opportunity to say thanks to all of you. Even though its a professional relationship but I must appreciate the kind of effort , patience and listening you have provided to me for securing this loan was incredible.

We all move on with our work once our motives are fulfilled but I want take a moment to say “thank you” 

Without your support to “get this done” at such a fast pace and high pressure work milieu was near to impossible. Please accept my “Thanks”