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Many clients at ALIC have been finding it hard to get into the Melbourne property market due to its continuous gains over the past 4 years in over 60% of suburbs.  At ALIC, we work with a number of the best property specialists in Australia.  This week, I spoke with David McRae from McRae Property, one of ALIC’s primary business partners, to discuss the potential end to this, as well as getting David’s comments around clearing out the “rubbish” in your portfolio.

“As we are aware, there are cycles in all markets and at this time we feel we are nearing the point when the rapid growth in the Melbourne property market should in theory start to taper off in early to mid-2017.

The Melbourne market has been extremely strong for the past 4 years (coming up to the end of this month),” said David McRae.

“In other words, we feel these bullish conditions represent an excellent window (with an unexpired short term – say 6 months remaining) of opportunity for those investors who are holding property which has not performed as it should have over this period.

There is now a real opportunity to “clean out the poor performers” and re-set with a better class of property in the New Year,” said David.

For all clients considering their options on how to structure their portfolio, now is the time to speak with ALIC and its business partners.

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Mark Davis


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