3 Tips to reduce your interest rate now!

Are you confused about all the current changes with interest rates? Don’t know who to talk to? What can I do now to reduce my interest on my investment or home loan? How can I save thousands on my loans?

Pay Principle & Interest repayments

  • Due to regulatory intervention most banks are now restricted as to how many interest only loans they can give customers. Banks are now offering you much better rates to take our principle and interest (P&I) loans, which encourages you to pay down your loan.

Look at fixing your loan now with some great specials

  • Bank are encouraging you to lock in now before there cost of capital rises and you can benefit. Even further benefits if you pay P&I repayments.

Consider using a non-bank

  • There are still rates below 4% with many of the non-bank (not the Big 4) for interest only as well as P&I repayment customers.

If you want to unlock these savings now, call me on 0415 816 440.

Kate Allison

Investment Lending Manager



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